Monthly Archives: May 2013

Into Darkness


I purchased this bookmark way back in 1991 at a Waldenbooks (remember those?), and I just realized that it has to be the most consistently used item that I have ever owned! Perhaps this, in part, represents my nostalgic love of Star Trek.

I watched the original series while still running around in diapers, and was later ushered into my teen years while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Let’s not forget the ritual of my dad, myself, and my dad’s Trekkie friend venturing to see all of the motion pictures (both the good and the bad) in the theater.

While I won’t be going to the premiere midnight showing, I do plan on catching Star Trek: Into Darkness this weekend, and I’m quite excited about it. I enjoyed the 2009 reboot, but I’m even more excited for this installment, especially to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Khan. Unfortunately, my son is several years too young to accompany me this time around, which is okay, because we really should start with the original series and work our way forwards.

And yes, it would be rather unbecoming of me NOT to end this short Trek post with the ever so cliché, yet practically obligatory: “Live long, and prosper.”

Just Playing with my Food


I love to play with my food, which is why the CHEETOS MIX-UPS and Life of Dad Show art contest was right up my alley. The grand prize is a trip to the 2014 Dad 2.0 summit in Houston!

Since I already have a history with food art, I wanted to make sure to up the ante by putting more time and effort into this project than I did for my Sweet Tooth candy art from last year. After all was said and done, I think it turned out pretty well.

Here is the official contest page on Life of Dad, where you can see all of the entries. There really are a ton of awesome submissions. A winner should be announced in approximately one week. In the meantime, go ahead check out the other nifty entries, and please feel free to comment on my Cheesy Chester Cheetah. Don’t forget keep your cheesy fingers crossed – I’d love to win a trip to hang out with other cool dads at the 2014 Dad 2.0 summit!

What the Stumpf Fiddle?

Stumpf fiddle

I spent my Sunday afternoon in a recording studio doing a session for a blues band. Maybe when the record comes out I’ll post some links. Anyway, I had to inquire about the very strange-looking item leaning against a corner, which turned out to be a stumpf fiddle.

This was something I had never before seen or heard of, and I have to admit that I was quite annoyed that other people who were there all knew what it was. On the other hand, I love learning about things this way, and so when I got home that evening, a quick Google search provided me with plenty of information about the stumpf fiddle. It’s an instrument popular in polka, bluegrass, and country music in the upper midwest. The only downside of acquiring all of this new stumpf knowledge is that now I kind of want a stumpf fiddle to call my own. Perhaps I should try to make one?

Stump fiddle, stump fiddle, stump fiddle. Doesn’t that sound silly? I bet Beetlejuice can play it heck out of it.

Here’s a video of the stumpf fiddle in action:

Attack of the Mutant Dandelion


I was going about my business mowing the lawn, when I came across this incredible mutated dandelion. It must have had about a dozen flowers fused together onto one massive stem. I hastily removed it from my lawn, fearing any potential for it to grow into another Audrey II from The Little Shop of Horrors. Ironically, one of my neighbors has an uncanny resemblance to Rick Moranis, and for just a moment, I thought it would make perfect sense to lob it into his yard and observe the fallout. Alas, I began to recall scenes from the movie, and I ultimately decided that the world, or at least my immediate neighborhood, would be a better place sans Audrey III.