Monthly Archives: May 2014

Rediscovering Vinyl

Last summer I picked up a cheap record player so I could listen to some old records that I inherited from my family. I had no idea how much fun we would have with it!

We immediately started to notice the abundance of vinyl that could be had at flea markets and yard sales, usually for a dollar or less per record. My wife and I now love flipping through stacks of vinyl, searching for all sorts of retro music, and we almost always come home with at least one gem to add to our growing collection. Sometimes they turn out to be a bust, but with such a minimal investment, we’re willing to take a risk on a record based solely on a whim or a fabulously kitschy cover.


We keep our record player and vinyl collection next to the dinner table and it’s already made for some great family memories.

Saga’s Lying Cat Pancake

Lying Cat Pancake

Lying Cat is a character from the comic book Saga, published by Image Comics. It’s a great ongoing book written by Brian K. Vaughan, with art by Fiona Staples. Definitely worthy of checking out – and I’m not lying! The “R” rating means it’s off limits for my kids, though they sure do love both cats AND pancakes! I submitted a photo of this pancake to the monthly fan art section of the Saga (unofficial) Facebook fan site.

To make the pancake, I whipped up some batter, added some blue dye, and filled up my wife’s cake decorating squeeze bottle. Start with the areas you would like to turn out the darkest, then just fill the rest in. If you think that’s cool, check out Jim’s Pancakes for some SERIOUSLY over-the-top pancakes. I need to take some pancake making lessons from this super cool dad!






Dog “Hare” in the Garden


I scrapped the ugly fence that I’d built around my garden last spring that was supposed to keep out the bunnies. It didn’t work. The little stinkers had proved themselves too smart and persistent, busting right through the fence in order to ransack our garden yet again.

I’ve been looking into other natural bunny deterrents and read about using dog hair. This sounded brilliant! Wild dogs have hunted rabbits in the wild for centuries, and later, domesticated dogs were trained to hunt rabbit for sport. Bunnies are wired to get the heck out of dodge when a dog comes trotting along. It’s in their DNA!

Armed with this knowledge and dog brush in hand, I waited patiently as this year’s first batch of seeds began to push up through the soil. Gershwin, our beagle/box mix, definitely loved all of the extra attention he began to receive, but being a short-haired breed, he failed to contribute much hair to the cause.

Gershwin Shirt

Meanwhile, my wife had a better idea. She walked down the block to our local dog groomer and asked for a large bag of dog hair clippings. They were curiously happy to oblige, and within minutes the kids had our garden bed and all of the precious seedlings sprinkled in dog hair. We’ll need to spread more hair around every few days and after it rains to maintain the effects of the dog scent barrier. Needless to say, Gershwin has taken a new interest in our garden. Hopefully the opposite will be true for the bunnies!