About Secret Dad

I’m a geeky dad of two young kids. I’m also a kid at heart myself, and I love doing hands-on projects with my children. My goal for this blog is to feature unique and (mostly) kid-friendly projects that I’m currently working on. Some of the projects will be artsy. Some will be nerdy. Many will be unusual, but all will be good clean fun. It’s not just a blog for dads or parents, either – anyone who enjoys making things, exploring new topics, and just having fun will dig this blog.

I’m a musician, and I’d love it if you would check out my current band, The Very Fine Gentlemen. If you like jazz/funk, along the lines of Lettuce and Snarky Puppy, you will probably enjoy this!

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Disclosure: I am now a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programs, which means I may earn advertising fees from linking to products on Amazon.com that I use and  love.

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