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Rock Hunting for Cabbage Head Quartz

Cabbage Head QuartzI always thought it’d be fun to take the kids on a hunting expedition for fossils, trilobites, geodes, or other cool rocks, but never had a clue where to look or how to get started. It was just happenstance that I spotted a FalconGuides Rockhounding book at the library. I started flipping through it immediately upon returning home, and was excited to find a site of interest in my hometown. I grabbed some gear and loaded the family into the car to join me in some impromptu rock hunting before dinner. We were looking for cabbage head quartz, which turned out to be ripe for the picking, because everyone had found at least one specimen in under twenty minutes! The rocks have a really unique circular pattern that look like flowers, or cabbage heads. Now that our first hunt was a success, we’re excited to plan another expedition soon to add some other neat rocks to our collection. It’s amazing what sort of new wonders are lurking just around the corner, waiting to be discovered. The trick is to be curious about the world around you. There’s always more to learn and discover, no matter where you live!

Cabbage Head Quartz2

Breakfast “Hot Dogs” for #NationalHotDogDay

Faux Hot DogAre you prepared for National Hot Dog Day, this Wednesday, July 23rd? We sure are! While serious hot dog aficionados will have lunch and/or dinner covered, only the most hardcore fanatics would consider breakfast as part of the festivities. Frankly, we’re not THAT hardcore–but we’re close. Here’s our way of kicking off weeny day with a winning breakfast. Just cook up some pancakes in a rectangular shape (the bun), drop on a slice of bacon (the frank), and top with scrambled eggs (the mustard). Top it off however you’d like (maple syrup and chili sauce are optional), eat as is, or fold it up just like a real hot dog.Faux Hot Dog2

Faux Hot Dog3

The Mysterious Skull: Case Closed



In June, I posted pictures of a small animal skull that my kids found in a playground next to a wooded field. Still wondering what kind of animal it had belonged to, I posted the question on Ask Metafilter, and within a few hours the overwhelming consensus was that it had once belonged to a raccoon. Someone also pointed out that it was seriously gnawed on by another animal, as proved by the scratch marks that I hadn’t even noticed. Another case solved by the internets!skull 1skull 2 skull 3