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Gweek Podcast!

Gweek PodcastI am very excited to announce my guest appearance on the latest episode of Gweek, one of my long-time favorite podcasts from, hosted by Mark Frauenfelder and Dean Putney. My morning routine isn’t complete until I’ve had a few cups of coffee while perusing the latest posts on Boing Boing, and I never miss an episode of Gweek.

As an avid listener, I’ve often been compelled to run out and explore many a gadget, website, book, movie, graphic novel, or various other neat stuff recommended by Mark, Dean, or any of their interesting guests. It was a thrill to be a guest myself and share some of my own favorite things with them. I’d like to thank Mark and Dean for having me on the podcast. It was such a blast! You can read more details about it and listen here.


Rediscovering Vinyl

Last summer I picked up a cheap record player so I could listen to some old records that I inherited from my family. I had no idea how much fun we would have with it!

We immediately started to notice the abundance of vinyl that could be had at flea markets and yard sales, usually for a dollar or less per record. My wife and I now love flipping through stacks of vinyl, searching for all sorts of retro music, and we almost always come home with at least one gem to add to our growing collection. Sometimes they turn out to be a bust, but with such a minimal investment, we’re willing to take a risk on a record based solely on a whim or a fabulously kitschy cover.


We keep our record player and vinyl collection next to the dinner table and it’s already made for some great family memories.