Rant: Fruit Stickers

I always like to keep fresh fruit displayed on the counter. Not only does it promote healthy eating habits, but it looks great, too. As I was passing by our fruit bowl today, I couldn’t resist stopping to peel off all of those unsightly stickers, and while doing this I began to wonder how many other people do the same thing? Some companies label fruit with cute logos or sayings, trying a bit harder to look appealing, but the majority are just downright ugly. Considering the long history of fruit, stickers are a brand new addition. Fruit art, on the other hand, has been around for ages. And with so many masterpieces out there in the world, how often do you see stickers? I never have. It makes me wonder if Van Gogh or Picasso would have taken the time to remove all stickers from their fruit before painting their masterpieces?  Certainly they would have. At this point I’ve probably put entirely too much time into such a small thing as fruit stickers, but it’s a simple, mindless chore that is so easy to do, while at the same time being impossibly satisfying. Now if I only had the motivation to take out my paint set…

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