Knits for Nerds: Update #3


I’ve climbed to the highest peak of  Mount Knitting,  and now I’m taking a brief respite to enjoy the view that overlooks Yarn Gully. That’s right – I’m halfway there, precisely 50% done! I can report this fact with complete certainty because I made a chart to track my knitting progress. Yeah, I’m that guy.

The scarf is now way longer than both of my kids, and it’s getting pretty close to passing me out as well.


  • I know I’m knitting much faster than when I started. Go me!
  • The official measurement at the halfway mark is 5 feet, 3 inches. According to the book, the finished product should be 10.5 feet. I can’t quite believe it, but I’m amazingly right on track. I originally misread book and thought the end result was supposed to be 20 feet long. Phew!
  • This scarf is producing lots of scrap pieces as I cut off the tails, so I started saving them and made a cat toy.

Jazzy Cat

The biggest and most exciting news is that Toni Carr, author of Knits for Nerdsfound my posts last week and wrote some very kind words of encouragement! What an awesome surprise! This will surely keep me motivated through the second half of the project.

Overall, this project is turning out to be a blast!  Much more so than I could have imagined. Knit on!


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