E.T. Is Back!


E.T. was spotted by my family outside of a Sweet Frog frozen yogurt, in the back seat of a Subaru Outback.  It made for some lively family discussion:

“WHAT THE!?” -Mommy

“The windows are up. He’s all alone. Should we call Alien Protective Services?”  -Daddy

“Mommy, why can’t E.T. have ice cream, too?” -Daughter

“I bet there is an app for phoning home.” –Daddy 

“I’m glad to see that he is buckled in, at least.” -Mommy

“Is this foreshadowing of a reboot?” -Daddy 

Points and stares but is rendered speechless. -Son

We’ll never know the full story. In any case, it made our day!

2 thoughts on “E.T. Is Back!

  1. Portland Dad

    We just watched ET for family movie night this past Sunday night. My 4 year old was a little nervous but him and his 6 year old brother loved it. I love going back over movies from my childhood with them. We are 2 into Star Wars and the boys are excited for jedi because they know about the ewoks

    1. secretdadblog Post author

      Nice! Haven’t got to do this much yet with my own kiddos because of their age, but yes, this will be awesome. So many goodies. Short list of childhood favorite adventure movies = Goonies, Explorers, Time Bandits, Flight of the Navigator, etc… When they get a little older Indiana Jones, Bond, Star Wars. You know, when I was kid, you HAD to see EVERY Arnold movie. Now, there is a new one coming out, The Last Stand. Complete with trademark one-liners. Man, I feel like a kid again.

      Thanks for commenting!


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