What to do With Paper Tubes?

Paper tubes

Is it weird that I started saving toilet paper and paper towel tubes without having the slightest idea what to do with them? I guess that must make me either a brilliant artist, a hoarder, or an impoverished Martha Stewart. Or, perhaps, all of the above.

Any ideas?

9 thoughts on “What to do With Paper Tubes?

  1. Robyn

    You can use them to make seed pots. Start your vegetable garden seeds inside and then transplant them in the spring 🙂

      1. Mindy

        You’re welcome! I wish this was my idea, but I think I stole it from our convention-going neighbors. They often run a children’s craft room in exchange for discounted admission. Either that, or I saw it online somewhere. Have fun!

  2. goodtogrow

    You can use them to start seeds, the goal being that you can plant the roll directly into the soil once you have sprouts. But in my experience, the moment you get the rolls wet, they begin to fall apart. So you have to put them in some sort of container, or wrap them with rubber bands or something to hold them together. I prefer to start seeds in plastic egg cartons, it works better and is less messy.


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