Poll: My Car’s New Look – You Decide!

Honda front

Last spring, while en route to a gaming event, my Honda Civic was rear-ended by another driver. Fortunately,  no one was seriously injured, and insurance covered just about all of the damages, except for my Honda front plate logo that I had just purchased. Rather than replace it with the an identical plate, I viewed this as an opportunity to find an even better license plate that would capture the character of my car. I searched and searched and still couldn’t find the perfect plate, so I decided to wait and try find something at the New York Comic Con, but that too was a bust. Now, several months later, I still have yet to decide on a new front plate. My car is running around naked, and that is where you come in. Since I can’t decide on my own, I’m going to crowd-source the decision.

I sat down for one last web search and narrowed it down to four potential winners. Below are the plates that are in the running. Follow the link to see the actual image. Voting will end next Sunday night. Thanks for your help!!!!

A Peacock. Perhaps not a very masculine choice, but I once had a profound encounter with a peacock.

Peacock and I

A Red Bow Tie. I named my car Simon, and if it were a person, a bow tie would suit him perfectly.

A Sailfish. Majestic, yet kitschy.

A Clipper Ship. I know, another sea theme….but I like nautical motifs, and I couldn’t find a decent Aquaman plate.


The fate of my car is on your hands, internet. Will it be a peacock, a bow tie, a sailfish, or a clipper ship? Vote well.

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