The Adventures of Sprowkey #3

Sprowkey and Polly

This just in: Sprowkey is back on the grid, having just settled in at his third camp! He had narrowly escaped the local inhabitants at his previous camp, having had to backtrack and change directions multiple times in order to completely throw them from his scent. After regaining his bearings, the search for the next suitable base camp continued, and he is now in a secure container (a full-sized cammo ammo can) getting much-needed rest before his next westward adventure. It is an idyllic location to make camp, being that it is within close proximity to water and is heavily fortified. With the weather being as beautiful as it is, however, this sojourn may not last long. “Westward, Ho!”

Cammo ammo box347670fe-3854-4f90-89b2-0011c1ec405f

fb620aec-0321-4851-85b0-3f0bebef49c6Miles traveled since last making camp: 7.2

Total miles traveled: 13.7


The Adventures of Sprowkey #2

The Adventures of Sprowkey 

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