The Adventures of Sprowkey: Chapter 5

Sprowkey and Polly25c5cdbb-dca2-46c3-bcbe-7075dbeb0d76After fleeing from the soggy marshes of Pathway to Panache, Sprowkey has finally completed  what has been his longest and most grueling journey to date. It is here at Traveler’s Rest, a whopping eighty miles west, that Sprowkey has made the acquaintance of a motley band of characters that call themselves the Travelers.

Farm Cat was the one to make first contact with the weary red drifter. He was hunting for food on the outskirts of camp when he caught the scent of something that was clearly alien to this land. On an ordinary day he could have easily caught Sprowkey unawares and without effort. Today, however, was no ordinary day. Farm Cat came in close for the kill, when some strange, heavy feeling in his gut caused him to hesitate at the very last moment. He froze, surprised at his sudden fallibility, and their eyes met. Farm Cat gazed at Sprowkey, his mind numb, and he slowly began to let down his guard. Somehow he recognized that Sprowkey was no threat to him or his people, and just a short time later, he was up to speed with all of his adventures of the last several weeks. Farm Cat realized what he had to do next. He would take Sprowkey to meet the rest of his clan, including their venerable leader, Thomas the donkey. Surely, Thomas would be able to aid Sprowkey in his noble quest.

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Miles traveled since last making camp: 80

Total miles traveled: 94 Previously:

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4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Sprowkey: Chapter 5

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      1. Silverleaf

        My son and I have just started geocaching – I tried to get him into it 2 years ago but he wasn’t interested. Now he’s addicted – and he loves your stories too.

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