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Homemade Doctor Who and Dalek Costumes


The Cardboard Keep has toppled. It wasn’t due to poor construction, or even an enemy invasion. No, the Cardboard Keep was pillaged by my own two hands, as evidenced by the quantity of paper cuts.

A bit of background: It was last Friday, and I had just learned that my local comic book store was participating in Halloween ComicFest, which included a costume contest among other fun things. I was brainstorming costume ideas for the kids throughout the day, with no clear winners coming to mind. It was while I was on hold, buying movie tickets to the much anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary special event in 3D, that these two thoughts melded so beautifully in my mind. Indeed, the kids will go as the Doctor and a Dalek!

The Doctor was a piece of cake. I had already made the 4th Doctor’s scarf, and the rest of the outfit was easily pulled from our closets within minutes. What I didn’t have on hand was a stockpile of cardboard and other materials for the Dalek. If I was going to pull this off I had to make haste. I ransacked the place for materials: a metal pot lid, plastic easter eggs, a honey stick, a plastic serving spoon, a plastic bowl, a whisk, broken lamp parts, and a plastic salt and pepper shaker set.

Dalek partsFinally, the Cardboard Keep had to come down. I tried not to think of it as destruction, but more like a metamorphosis (try leaning on that analogy with a two and five-year-old). A lot of hot glue and the majority of my weekend later, and the costumes were complete.

IMG_3876 IMG_3877

IMG_5693 IMG_5682We didn’t even make it into the store and someone stopped us for a picture, which made the kids as proud as peacocks. We’re anxiously waiting to hear who won!


Mr. Bean and the Dalek

I loved watching Mr. Bean when I was a kid. The Christmas episode, Merry Christmas Mr. Bean, was one of my favorites and always had me in stitches. I hadn’t seen it in years, so I pulled it up last night to watch and share with my family. It was all extremely familiar to me, until the Dalek appeared. I couldn’t believe it! I have absolutely zero memory of seeing the Dalek before. Granted, when I was a kid I never watched Doctor Who and didn’t know what a Dalek was until I was much older, but I didn’t remember there being a robot at all. I remembered the truck, dinosaur, tank, helicopter, and all the animals, but no robot. It’s so strange, it’s as if the Dalek was just added into the scene. It’s funny how your brain forms and categorizes memories depending on your frame of reference, or lack thereof, for certain things. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this, you must. Classic Mr. Bean at his best. You can watch the full episode on hulu. Enjoy!