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Renaissance Faires: Merryment for the Whole Family

Photo Nov 06, 9 31 10 PM

With so many Renaissance Faires scattered throughout the country, there is a good chance that one may be in driving distance to you. If so, I highly recommend making the trek with the whole family.

Photo Nov 06, 9 33 24 PM

We went in costume this year and had a blast. Throughout the day we participated  in a peasant dance, feasted like kings and queens, enjoyed amazing shows, rode an elephant, wandered into magical shops of all shapes and sizes, and so much more. The Pirate Queen herself even caught sight of our own little scalawags and awarded them loot!

Photo Nov 06, 9 37 15 PM

If you should get bored meandering the land and taking in all of the sites (unlikely), there are often many scheduled events going on simultaneously throughout the day, like peasant dances, hypnotists, jousting, parades, costume contests, and more. And if you’re really lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity, like Gumby!

Photo Nov 06, 9 35 05 PM

Then again, simply sitting on a bench with a turkey leg, gawking at the wide variety of stunning costumes, is  plenty entertainment for me.  We’ll see you there come next fall!

Photo Nov 06, 9 34 16 PM Photo Nov 06, 9 38 38 PM

In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met a renaissance TARDIS dress!

In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met a renaissance TARDIS dress!

Awaiting the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary? Do this now:

Tardis Pumpkin

That’s supposed to be a TARDIS pumpkin, but you knew that, right? I’m just catching up on the last few Doctor Who episodes, and just in time for Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in 3D, the 50th anniversary special event showing in select theaters nationwide. I already have my tickets in hand! I’m a just teeny bit worried, to be honest, that I may miss some references to classic Doctor Who canon, since I’ve only been along for the ride since the new series began in 2005. Thankfully, Kyle Anderson has been hard at work over Nerdist, writing the Companion’s Companion, a perfect way to completely catch up on all of the classic Doctor Who story lines from every season without needing to cram in a quarter of a century’s worth of TV shows in under a month. If we read just one or two of these posts a day, we’ll be totally caught up to speed, just in the nick of time. Want to join me? Okay, now….RUN!

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