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The Twinkie Trilogy – We Have a Buyer!

Twinkie Trilogy Paintings

The Twinkie Trilogy paintings have been sold to…..(drum roll, please) my mother-in-law, who will be hanging them in her home! Honest. I made her promise to send a picture for proof. I woke up the morning after posting it to find the confirmation of sale in my inbox. She claims to love them and did not buy them just to support me, and I’m choosing to believe her (love you, and Happy Birthday!). How cool is that?

I’m still sort of interested to see, however, if there are any Twinkie fans out in the general public other than my loving, supportive, and quirky family, who would actually purchase and hang Twinkie paintings in their home. Therefore, I am relisting them on Etsy as made-to-order items. The cool thing about listing it this way is that I can customize the work for the customer.

I’m glad that the Twinkie Trilogy has a home and that this project is one that actually achieves closure. Otherwise, who knows how long they would sit on the shelves at Etsy. Now it’s time to focus on my knitting project again.

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