I’m still alive and kicking, and photographing utility poles!

Whew! Well, I haven’t been giving the blog much love lately. All of my non-kid, waking hours have been consumed with two major projects, neither of which are blog worthy. Although I intend to post more regularly, please keep in mind that even when I’m not actively blogging, you can still see what I’m up to via Twitter.

As an update to my telephone pole fail post several months ago, I’ve been noticing more and more interesting utility pole situations, so I’ve continued to snap pictures whenever possible. I think this now qualifies as a hobby, and a rather odd one at that.

Holey Poley1I’m not sure why I’ve been fascinated by these. I guess it’s just fun trying to imagine the story  and thought processes for how these things are thrown together. As a child, I remember staring out of the backseat car window (pre-Nintendo Gameboy) during very long family car rides, and becoming totally entranced by the telephone lines zipping by. I’d watch the lines swing from pole to pole, measuring out the intervals of cable just like a steady pulse in music, until car sickness began to rear it’s ugly head, breaking the hypnotic pattern.

Holey Poley2So, is this common in your neck of the woods? Do you care? Odd as it is, I’m interested to see what you can find in your area, so send some of your own photos my way!

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