Magazine Inserts Make Great Mini Paper Airplanes!

Magazine inserts

I had previously thought that grasping for a fallen magazine insert at the local bookstore to use as a makeshift tissue as my two-year-old unearths a massive boogie from his left nostril and begins to flail it about towards my face was the best possible use for such magazine debris, but  I’ve since found another great use. Out of boredom, I folded one into a simple airplane and gave it a toss. To my surprise, the little bugger (not booger) shot across the room like a missile, and with great accuracy, too.

Of course, now I’m thinking I should research some paper airplane videos on YouTube so I can test out some better designs. You might as well try folding these suckers up and launching them at your own trash cans, too. It’s kind of fun, and besides, they’ll end up there anyway.

Disclaimer: Just watch you don’t poke an eye out!

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