Thank you, Mr. Bow Tie Guy

Bow Tie CarToday I happily took my son along with me to the comic book store to pick up the second issue of Jeff Lemire’s great new mini-series, Trillium. While I was helping little man out of his car seat, I couldn’t help but notice a smartly dressed man leaving the store, who happened to be looking our way and smiling. Of course, I thought to myself, “That’s right, my son and I ARE totally cute going to the comic book store together! And then we’re going to Wendy’s for Frostys!” A second glance, however, revealed that he was actually just admiring my front plate, because he too, was donning a sweet bow tie of his own. Even better!

After driving around for nearly six months since my car’s makeover, this genuine, unsolicited nod of approval just made my day. So, thank you, Mr. Bow Tie guy. Keep being cool.

Frosty time!

Frosty time!


Introducing…Simon and his Red Bow Tie

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