The Adventures of Sprowkey: Chapter 8, Picacho Peak

The Adventures of Sprowkey is part of a series following the whereabouts of a trackable geocaching item. Actual locations and events surrounding this trackable item form the basis for a fictional narrative, creating a unique and interactive geocaching experience. For more background on this series, see the first installment of The Adventures of Sprowkey. 

Sprowkey and Polly

Fifty miles is an admirable distance to cover in the desert heat, especially when one can’t even remember much of the journey. After leaving the care of Special Agent Eagle Eye, Sprowkey headed northwest out of Tucson, brimming with confidence and a renewed energy. His best guess put him at just a few hundred miles from his destination, though it was only a few dozen miles into the trek when his newly found drive dried up, quite literally.

Majorly miscalculating essential water supplies vital to a desert journey resulted in rapid dehydration, and ultimately, severe heat exhaustion. With no help in sight, and no other viable options, Sprowkey forged ahead. The desert heat developed a personality of its own, morphing into a blurry, pulsing, adversary. With every step his head pounded, as the sun seared his skin and the wind pummeled him with rocks and sand.

And then, in almost an instant, it was over. The pain was gone. The throbbing headaches and nausea passed, and everything became very still.  Was this the end? He casually contemplated this question, while wondering why he wasn’t considerably more concerned at such a thought, when he noticed the voices.

He could now make out a few distinct, yet mumbled voices that grew increasingly louder. He opened his eyes, initially focusing on the enormous cactus looming high above him, before noticing the three characters actually standing right in front of him.

“He’s comin’ to!”

“Better watch it – we don’t know who this feller is or where he came from.”

“Hey there, partner, have some more water. You’ve been out for over a day. This here is F. Dawg and Kandy Kane. I’m L.A. Roaming Gnome, but they call me Roman. Welcome to beautiful Picacho Peak State Park!”

Kandy Kane

Kandy Kane

Farfr Dawg

Farfr Dawg

Roamin' Roman

Roamin’ Roman

Miles traveled since last stop: 293

Total miles traveled: 7490


The Adventures of Sprowkey, Chapter 7

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