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Sticky Notes for Santa (and select others)


Notes for Santa under the tree

My daughter has moved from writing her alphabet to full words and phrases, and evidence of her recent practice explosion has been popping up everywhere. It all started as a desperate attempt to communicate her Christmas wish list to Santa.

Guardian of the Santa Notes

Guardian of the Santa Notes

After finally exhausting all Christmas wants and desires, she continued her momentum with a barrage of notes addressed to our pets. We found notes left for the animals on their food bowls.

Dog NotesWe also found notes on the animals.

Jasmine note

It’s been fun finding notes all over our house, but by far my favorite note is the very last one I found while tucking myself into bed after a looong day.

Bear Note

Christmas is Already Here at Bass Pro Shops

IMG_4193This past weekend we stopped by Bass Pro Shops (the kids call it the “fishy store”) on a whim and were pleasantly surprised to find Santa’s Wonderland open for business. This seasonal event wasn’t on our radar when we decided to stop in, so it was a bonus for the kids. Santa’s Wonderland is an activity-packed event located inside Bass Pro Shops. It’s open now through December 24th, AND, it’s free!

Some of the activities featured at our location included:

  • Carousel ridesIMG_4185
  • Daisy air rifle shooting gallery (don’t worry parents, it’s electronic, so your kids can’t shoot their eyes out).IMG_4233
  • Model trains
  • R/C truck obstacle courseIMG_4200
  • Crafts and carnival games
  • Letter to Santa station (One of the nice things about the letter to Santa station is that we finally learned what my daughter wants for Christmas)IMG_4198
  • Free studio-quality photo with Santa!

The only thing we didn’t have time for was the photo with Santa. The line was long, and we felt it a bit early in the season for a Santa photo, and most importantly, it gives us a reason to come back again soon.


For more information and participating locations, visit the Bass Pro Santa’s Wonderland online.

Santa and the Car-Toon Truck at AACA

We stopped in to see Santa during his visit at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) museum in Hershey. He ditched his usual sleigh for the day. Check out his new ride:

Santa's Ride

My kids must have sensed something was off when Santa arrived in an old convertible, without Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer gang, because today neither of them would sit on his lap, and usually they fight over who gets to go first.

It was my first time in the AACA museum, and unfortunately, with all the hubbub around Santa, I ended up having to rush through all of the exhibits. I’ll definitely be going back to more throughly explore the entire museum. If nothing else, I need to get another look at the 1920 Ford Model A “Car-Toon” Truck. The entire car is detailed with thousands of cartoons, comic book characters, and movie personalities, using brush and airbrush techniques. It’s fun and quite amazing to stare at it for a few moments and then begin to focus in on all of the dozens of characters. I only had a minute to see it, although I could easily have spent an hour or so soaking it all in.

Ford Car-toon Truck

Click here to find more images of the Car-Toon truck. What famous personalities or fictional characters can you spot? Go ahead and list them in the comments. I call Spock!

Bonus question: What is the make of Santa’s car?